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Prophetic Medicine Conference
Prophetic Medicine Conference
01 November 2011

FREE Prophetic Medicine Conference

An Unmissable one-day conference on the Medicine of the Prophet (SAW) At-Tibb An-Nabawi!

At a time when alternative medicine in the West has been growing, Western medicine questioned for its universality and the demand for effective health care remedies rises, a great opportunity has come for us to learn about the theory and application of medicine of the Prophet (sws), as taught to us by the Prophet (sws) himself. They deal with the treatment and cures for common and complex health disorders and restoration of health of heart/mind (qalb/aql), soul (ruh) and body (badan).

For the first time in the UK, this programme will be delivered by an internationally acclaimed professor, researcher and a widely respected speaker on Islamic Medicine, Physical Therapy and Complementary Medicine, Dr. Amir Saleh

The conference will aim to cover the following areas:

• What is Prophetic Medicine and what is its relevance in today’s

• Can it co-exist with modern medicine and be compatible with
scientific medical research?

• What are the Prophetic foods and herbs and their nutritional benefits in the prevention and cure of disease?

• What are the medical and health benefits of Tahara, Wudu and Salah? 

• What is the Sunnah of Hijama (Cupping) and its medical and health
benefits in the prevention and cure of disease?

• What is Spiritual Healing and what conditions is it considered for?

• What is Ar-Ruqyah Ash-Shariah (Qur’anic Healing Therapy)?

• How do we understand the effects of jinn affliction, black magic and
evil eye on our health and how do we protect ourselves from them?

• An amazing and groundbreaking research will also be presented for the first time on ‘Colour Therapy in the Quran’.

2nd June 2012
10am - 7pm 

East London Mosque &
London Muslim Centre

46-92 Whitechapel Road
London E1 1JX 

FREE– booking online required


Abdul Kareem 
07718 884 706