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10 am to 6.30 pm


10 am to 6.30 pm


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By Arrangement

Ideally it is best if you to book your treatment online. However during opening hours please feel free to come and fill in your pre treatment form and book your appointment. If we are free our therapist will provide your hijama treatment if appropriate. We are providing a walk in service to assist our patients but even a call an hour before you want to come will ensure you don’t have to wait .

All female patients must book pre hand, as the female practitioner is currently not in all day. However brothers and sisters can walk in and have their assessments done during opening hours on any day.

Home visits for both male and females can be arranged. Please enquire within or email/call us.

For those requiring hijama as part of their Ruqiyah treatment, please discuss your case with our appointment coordinator.

The Hijama Health Clinic, would like to remind all patients that cure is from Allah alone, so seek His assistance alone and follow the Sunnah of our beloved prophet (peace be upon Him)


We also provide remedies mentioned in the Sunnah to include

Honey, we are also sourcing out high grade black seed oil, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.

Patient General and Booking advise


Booking an appointment:

Please read through all the information we have provided for your benefit, if you still have any enquiry you may consult our bookings co-coordinator via email or phone. 07718884706. admin@hijama.co.uk. We must receive an online medical form before booking you in. If you have trouble or don’t know how to, you can come in and fill it where you will be given a consultation and a treatment plan drawn up specifically for you. It  is best however if we get it beforeyou come, to plan your treatment, as various illnesses/conditions need different points/timings and frequency.

Out of hours appointments are available, please contact us and some late evening sessions are available at a premium.(Patients from abroad please ensure to book well in advance to ensure the practitioner you request male/female and specialist is available. We also have 'on the day' appointments for each therapist.  When these have been taken and you need to see us urgently please call us so arrangements can be made to accommodate you.

ONE Sunnah/detox session requires a 30minute appointment.  If you have a medical condition or multiple conditions that require treatment, please arrange a pre assessment appointment so that a full treatment plan and price plan can be drawn up.


Home Visits

If your illness prevents you from attending the clinic, a home visit can be arranged by calling us. All home visits will require payment online and are subject to a minimum call out fee, plus treatment costs


If you are booking for a relative/friend and they don’t speak English please ensure we are aware of this and attend with them for translation purposes. We however have practitioners fluent in Arabic, Bengali and Farsi (Pushtu), an Urdu speaking translator can be arranged if needed.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Are you a member of a specific cupping body?

The International Cupping Society (ICS) lays down strict requirements for the education and clinical training of therapists. This covers the full theoretical groundwork of cupping together with supervised clinical practice. The ICS requires its members to engage in continuous professional development. We are members of ICS.

2) Will you ask about all my symptoms and make sure that you understand them?

A thorough understanding of your symptoms is essential to make an accurate assessment and formulate the best treatment plan for you. In the first treatment session, time is spent finding out about your symptoms and how your particular health issues affect you.

Each medical form will be assessed by our specialist practitioner and they will advise whether you require an initial assessment clinic without any treatment to draw up your treatment plan and answer all you question or weather you can be booked directly for your treatment.

3) Will you give me advice on improving my health through dietary and lifestyle changes?

It is important to understand that there are many factors involved in creating your state of health. These are your diet, your work/life balance, what exercise you take and your stress levels. In order to help you to attain your optimum health, it is sensible to look at all these factors and to give you guidance on making improvements where needed.

4) Do you ask about my medication before making recommendations to take herbs or other supplements?

Some medications interact with herbs or health supplements, and so it is vital to make sure that whatever is recommended will be safe and appropriate for you to take. We utilise the British National Formulary which gives reliable and up to date information on medications, and possible interactions.

5) How many treatments do you recommend me to have?

Because cupping is working with the body's natural healing systems, treatment sessions and frequency will vary for every single person. No two people are alike. How many treatments will I need? This is always difficult to answer as each person responds to treatment differently. Because we are working with your body's unique healing ability, progress will be influenced by many factors. As a general "rule of thumb", we suggest that if you are fit and well to detoxify every 4- 6 months. Specific illnesses require specific treatment regimes, at the end of the initial treatment we will re-evaluate and you can then decide if you need to continue treatment, or can increase the gap between treatments.

6) Does the therapist speak your native language?

Good communication is essential in order to build trust and rapport between patient and practitioner. It is vital to make sure that the person who gives you treatment has a thorough understanding of your problems. If the practitioner does not speak your native language, you may wish to consider bringing a family member with you to assist clear communication. Currently we have practitioners who speak English, Arabic, Bengali and Farsi (pushtu), an Urdu speaking translator can be arranged if needed

7 Do you use disposable cups and how are they disposed of?

All ICS members are required to use, single use; disposable cups, blades and to make arrangements for their safe disposal.We use a specific Clinical waste company that removes our clinical waste for incineration.

8) What other services or facilities are provided by your Clinic?

We offer Sunnah remedies honey, olive oil, black seed oil and seeds, apple cider vinegar.

9) Do I need to pay for a course of treatment in advance?

We DO ASK for payment in advance, for all treatments especially when long treatment sessions are booked and/or the clinic is opened specifically for you. We do not know how many or how frequently you will need treatment until an assessment is made. It is always our policy that you "pay as you go". Failure to attend appointments will incur charges for the missed time.

10) Where will you apply the cups? This will vary from person to person and will depend upon the diagnosis we make at your first appointment. There are cupping pathways running down the front and back of the body, arms and legs and we may use points in any of these areas. Also some ailments require treatment on the head. Cups leave temporary discolouration,  which will heal and disappear after roughly 2 to 3 weeks. (For some patients this maybe longer).  Many conditions need treatment on the head so please be aware of this when considering work commitments.

11)Will I faint or be sick?

Sometimes this happens to people who do not respond well to seeing blood. All our practitioners are well trained so you will not be in direct site of any clinical waste.  It is very rare that people feel sick, but if they do it is important to understand that Hijama is the fastest way to detoxify your body so it may go into a bit of shock. However, it is not dangerous and is not classified as a side effect.

 12) Will I be able to work after my treatment?

Most people treated are fine to go about their daily living, but this is different for everyone, if you have a job requiring heavy manual work it maybe worth having the next day off to rest, especially after your first treatment session, if you feel tired then rest.

13) Will I need to get undressed? 

Because the cupping points lie all over the body, we ask you to undress as appropriate to maintain (awrah issues as required). Obviously females will be treated by females and males for males.

14) Will cupping interfere with my medication?

Cupping helps your body to work better and be healthier, you may find that you can reduce or stop medication in co-operation with your General Medical Practitioner or hospital consultant. Cupping takes toxins and bad blood out and unlike medicine nothing  bad goes into your body.

First appointment:.

  1. At your first appointment, we will need to spend time finding out about you.

  2. We'll want to know the main reason that you are coming for treatment and how your health and quality of life are affected.

  3. We'll also want to know if you have any other health concerns and take a thorough medical history.

  4. We would appreciate it if you bring with you a list of any medication, vitamins, herbs or other supplements that you take.

  5. We will usually start treatment at your first appointment, so please be prepared. Unless we feel it is not safe to do so. Sometimes we will recommend you visiting your General Medical Practitioner (GP) or hospital Consultant for assessment or advice. For example if we require you to have any further tests eg blood tests. To ensure your cupping treatment is safe for you. We also have a specialist medical team on our advisory board that we discuss more complex cases with to ensure your safety.

  6. If you find that you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, we do appreciate as much notice as possible. We do charge late cancellation or non-attendance fees.

  7. Please come  20 minutes before your appointment - parking is limited so use public transport if necessary.

  8. If you are late you may lose your slot and deposit

  9. Wear an old t-shirt/dark  loose under clothes

  10. Ensure to have showered before treatment - so your body is clean and try and be in wudu.



Narrated Ibn 'Abbas

The Prophet was cupped and he paid the wages to the one who had cupped him and then took Su'ut (Medicine sniffed by nose).

Bukhari: Volume 7, Book 71, Number 595


Fee Guide:

1)   First consultation and treatment £30.00  for 3cups,(depending on how your body reacts and what the specialist therapist feels is safe for you based on your reaction during the initial treatment)

2)    Consultation for medical conditions is currently free, (Some medical conditions will need a pre assessment by our Lead Clinical Therapist to ensure your safety and that an appropriate treatment plan in drawn up specific to your conidition. As such you may require this pre assessment appointment. After you email in your medical form or post it in, our Lead Clinical Therapist will assess this and advise the booking coordinator whether you need this or not.)